End Zoo Nights Events at ZSL London Zoo

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London Zoo is at it again! After having to pull the plug on their 'Zoo Lates' due to petitions signed by tens of thousands of people calling on the zoo to end the parties, and an investigation by Westminster council, the same event has now been rebranded for a 3rd time!!!!

Zoo Nights is advertised as 'mixing wildlife and city life' which allows 5,000 people to party with loud live music, carnivorous food vendors and alcohol bars into the late hours of the night.

These events have seen incidents such as beer being poured over a tiger, penguins being punched, people climbing into the enclosures and attempting to strip off and swim in the penguin pool, a snake enclosure glass cracked, animals being taunted and butterflies being crushed.

As if its not enough that these poor animals are driven to zoochosis from being unnecessarily incarcerated out of their natural habitats.
ZSL London Zoo, is motivated only by squeezing as much profit out of their exploitation. Captivity is never captivating!