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Relocate Pizza the saddest Polar Bear

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In a Shopping mall in southern China, a polar bear named Pizza paces past murals of icebergs in his glass enclosure. He shakes his shaggy head under artificial lights. He crouches by an air vent to sniff outside world. Pizza is part of a disturbing trend in China, exhibiting wild animals in malls to attract customers as more people turn to often cheaper and more convenient e-commerce. 

The video, released by Humane Society International (HSI) and VShine, appears to show the bear, named Pizza, pacing around its small glass-fronted tank and swaying its head.

“This polar bear is showing classic stereotypical behavior, including head swaying and repetitive pacing, induced by frustration and poor welfare,” said Professor Alastair Macmillan, Humane Society International and U.K.’s veterinary adviser. “The conditions in which he is being kept are completely unsuitable, vastly removed from anything approaching his natural habitat, and if something is not done then he will likely slip further and further into mental decline.”

The bear was offered to re-home Pizza in a 10-acre sanctuary in September by U.K.-based Yorkshire Wildlife Park. But the offer was reportedly turned down by Chinese authorities, who said the polar bear should remain in China.

Such exhibition is a shame to China, and the world.


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