Oceanic Servers for Elder Scrolls Online

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There's little to say. Anyone who plays games and lives in an Oceanic region such as Australia knows the pain of trying to play online games. In the last 3-5 years we've seen a huge spike in players from these regions with the online community not improving their infrastructure to support these gamers. Companies like Blizzard finally got on board and made OCE hosted servers, so it's time that Zenimax follows suit! I personally see a lot of people asking these questions on the official Elder Scrolls Online posts on Facebook and other social media sites. Elder Scrolls is a fantastic franchise with so much to offer just about any player and they can attract so many more players, new and returning, if they simply accommodated one thing we need... local servers! Elder Scrolls Online is an amazing game, however proves impossible to play properly and compete in Player vs Player systems against people in countries like America. OCE Players constantly have to deal with 300ms+ pings in ESO while trying to fight people who would only have 20-50ms. The current MMO market is quite dry, and personally I would love to keep playing and progressing through ESO however I cannot stand playing with these ping times! It's about time there was a local OCE server that we could play on! So let's band together and try to get Zenimax Studio's attention, to try get a server hosted that we can actually use. I could guarantee the player base would start playing this again if they actually could play it.