Convince Zenimax Media to allow Telltale Games to produce an Elder Scrolls title.

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The Elder Scrolls franchise is one of the most expansive, most beautiful, and most ambitious game series and western RPGs to date. The series boasts millions of fans who are always genuinely overjoyed when they see a new TES title release because it gives them a chance to explore the Tamriel that many have grown up loving, and allows new players to be introduced the vast and wonderful place that many of us have grown so attached to.

Telltale Games has made its mark in well written and well designed focused storylines crafted in episodic fashion. Many of their games have received acclaim for their ability to incorporate decision making into a linear form of storytelling that allows them to concentrate more heavily on deep and provocative stories that sometimes many open-world RPGs may struggle with. In short, open-world RPGs are about telling the story of the world, a thing which I feel Bethesda is second to none at, and Telltale Games excels at the doing its antithesis, in all the ways that I have already mentioned. I think there is demand for this kind of game to come from the Elder Scrolls series, and will please many fans who would pay to see a new title with no alternatives arriving from the series in the near future. There are even some individuals at Telltale, including at least one former developer, who are quite familiar with the series, and I think could really give the franchise the love that it deserves.

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