Don't End Kaleerein

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This petition is created for the show Kaleerein which has been decided to go off-air in this month of November and it's not fair according to the fandom of Kaleerein. This show is special as it had it's own unique concept to be told which kept getting meddled with by the writers and channel but the magic of the main characters kept the viewers attracted.

It's the only show which gave ZeeTv recognition in UK as it's rating is topping the charts in UK and in India as well the TRP as been 1.2 despite the episodes only airing for 14 minutes for weeks.

Meera and Vivaan are characters that are very different from the usual male/female leads we see onscreen and their journey is still incomplete, therefore we want/demand an extension of Kaleerein and allow for the show to focus on the story and on main characters, like how it was always meant to be.

Every show of Zee's has had a running time over a year which is not being granted to Kaleerein and it's not fair at all. Kaleerein has been treated badly by the channel as the episodes airing time decreased, promotions/promos were extremely rare as well as no cut down of repeat telecasts. However Kaleerein still successfully fought against all odds and shined through. 

This show does not deserve to be going off-air at this point of time at all, there is a lot of potential and much more to be explored in this show. Till now every now and then, a villain is given much more importance why? this is not about villains, it was meant to be a breezy love story set in Punjab, please focus and explore this story. 

Many shows go on for years even if they have nothing left to showcase and here we have a show that is going off-air despite having a story. It's not done and this decision of ZeeTv should definitely change.  


Please sign the petition if you feel the same and also please help trend on twitter by tagging ZeeTv and using the hashtag #DontEndKaleerein. Come on fans, show your love and support and hopefully we can change this biased and unfair decision.