Respect your fans. Unite Sanam-Aahil before KV leaves. NO REPLACEMENTS!

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Dear 4 Lions Production House and Zee broadcasting channel,
Qubool Hai Season 2 is my first experience of your shows, I have never watched any previous shows of yours, except a little bit of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. And from all the experiences I have heard, one thing is the most common, you never give a happy ending to your main OTP i.e One True Couple. Why even call them a true couple when you don't show them having even a happy ending?

You create such larger than life couples with unbeaten chemistry and the oomph,, and for that I salute you for always choosing some real good actors and giving them such memorable characters that viewers can;t help but feel for them. But. When you deliver something like this, you have some responsibility towards your viewers too who have stayed with you all along their journey, giving you all the love and fame and that is to give atleast a happy ending to them. Why is it too much to ask?

This is a petition signed on behalf of all the Sanam-Aahil fans of Qubool Hai season 3 whom are adoringly named as SaHil. We fans have waited for like so many months to have a proper end of this sizzling couple you have created last year in April 2014. I really owe you for that one thing, for giving us this.

We are demanding just a simple thing and that is PLEASE UNITE THEM. This is not a request, we are demanding, and for which we have all the right to do.

The recent development that has been added to even more heartbreak is the decision of the male lead Karanvir Bohra to quit the show. This has not gone down well with all the viewers who have been in love with his character since he entered. He entered at a crucial time and the couple made the show gain accolades once again. Please don't end this magic at such a disastrous end.

The only thing which we want is till the time he is in the show, just make sure to unite the couple before he leaves. We DON'T WANT ANY REPLACEMENT of that character, nor any new guy for the female lead. What is the meaning of showing all the symbolisms that they are meant to be then? This is like the worst ending to a couple viewers ship and have waited so long just to see them being united. We only want KARANVIR BOHRA and SURBHI JYOTI as SANAM and AAHIL. NO REPLCEMENTS. NO NEW GUY. NO NEW GIRL.

This is a demand or request, whatever you feel like from all the die hard fans of the couple out there to please change some things before he leaves and atleast give us a happy ending. We don't even want them in next season, you can do whatever you want to do after that, just unite them and end them right there.

This is also coming from all die hard Karanvir's fans who have tuned into the show just to see him. He is leaving, thats his decision and we respect that, just respect the actor who has given his more than everything to give full justice to this character and have make him at least leave at a high point. Please give a noble end to him and our SaHil!

We love you guys and our SaHil for giving such a phenomenal couple and the actors who have never disappointed even when the script seemed a little bit disappointing and have always gave such power packed performances.

Please, listen to your fans, respect the fans, respect the actors and the loyalty of them both. UNITE SAHIL!!

We whole heartedly respect his decision to leave as there was nothing more left for him and his character to do, as he was in the first place. We are sad and disappointed for his character to be butchered like this. He is totally right in his decision and as an actor, one needs to have some excitement and growth for an character, which was clearly not visible from last few months.

We all fans just want him to notice all our efforts for him to show our love and support for him and his character. He breathed the character and made it a phenomenal one with his portrayal that it was hard to let him go. He is Aahil for us. KV is Aahil, Aahil is KV, forever. We love our ARI. 

-On behalf of all the SaHilians!

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