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Important Update! - Plus we are nearly at 2000 signatures!

Zane O'Neill
Rotorua, New Zealand

Dec 13, 2017 — Hello Friends!

We are making progress with the Ban Geoengineering & Weather Modification in NZ petition, we are nearly at 2000 signatures!
People are getting behind it and I express my sincere gratitude for this! I would like to have 5000 signatures at least (or more if possible) before it will be presented to the NZ House of Representatives. This will show we have strong support for what the petition outlines and is asking for!

Despite how we get on with the objective of the petition, it is a great tool we can all use to shed light on the issue of Geoengineering & Weather Modification by sharing it with our family & friends. This is one of the most proactive things you can be doing to help this cause and really make a difference! So if you are doing this or can do this, thank you! The more people aware, the better for the cause!

There are links within the petition which lead to many facts, figures and evidence. We need our friends and families to realize what has been going on under our noses for the last 20 years! Make no mistake, we are under attack! This is a silent war, which started long ago and the majority of the planet do not realize this. So many are still unaware! This issue needs to be openly talked about with our family and friends!

For those that are only just realizing what is going on with Geoengineering and are new to learning about it "Welcome" to the rabbit hole! One thing to keep in mind- currently we are not seeing as many of the “white lines A.K.A chemtrails" in the sky as much as we used to in New Zealand over the last decade and more, of course it's still happening here, they are still using this method of aerosol spraying, we are still daily capturing pictures of them in the "act", however these criminals are using newer more sophisticated and less detectable methods and sometimes we only see the end result of these deployed aerosols. By the time they reach us, they are lingering over us in the form of what some people now call "fake clouds"- laden with toxic chemicals. So if you are looking for "chemtrails" and they are not there, they most likely are but in the form of “fake clouds” We still get real clouds ofcourse, it is about learning to determine the difference.

And on this point, one of the methods used to deploy chemicals to New Zealand is they send them to us from Australia. How nice is that? They create them over there by aircraft aerosol spraying also from various military installations and other methods, then these criminals push them through the jet streams via radio and microwave frequencies over to us here in New Zealand. The end result is we end up with these un-natural looking "fake clouds" and "cloud like" formations which are full of these toxic chemicals which we breathe in that rain down on us unsuspectingly over us here in New Zealand.

The criminals are also mixing it in with their Bio-fuels in Aviation Gas not only in NZ but worldwide. I am only only tipping the iceberg here with what I am sharing, the point is, don't just expect to be waiting or looking for commercial aircraft to be making "white lines " in the sky.

Keep looking up and observing the sky and educating yourself on whats going on!

One of the best documenataries that clearly explains the issue is Matt Landman's “Frankenskies” full length documentary found here:

Once again, thanks for your support and I will be continually updating you throughout this initiative.

P.S - By the way, the picture taken in New Zealand that is accompanied with this update- the cloud there is a classic example of 'fake (geoengineered) cloud'


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