Ban Fake Company Moviebox from Youtube. It is finishing Pakistani Music & Movies Channels.

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Hi Dear Friends. As you know Pakistan is a developing country. We got freedom in 1947 and sorry to inform you that since then Our Music & Movies have not been patronised by Govt of Pakistan. Now it is in hands of music collectors in private sector to archive, preserve and spread our cultural heritage. For this we were so far thankful to websites like youtube, dailymotion, facebook, twitter etc who freely allow us to upload music there since last 10 years. But unfortunately some greedy, corrupt, and malafide interest companies tried to take advantage of our efforts. One of such company is Moviebox which is based in England. They have never been in Pakistan and they don't run any music or movie business inside Pakistan. Living in England, they presented some fake photoshop edited documents to youtube as a claim of copyright of another country Pakistan's Music & Movies which is technically beyond possibilities. They even made false claims on Govt organisations' work like Lok Virsa Islamabad who never sell copyrights to anyone inside Pakistan or to anyone in England. Some of the claims of moviebox belong to black & white movies from 50 years ago while the movie producers as well as directors and music composers of those movies died long long ago. So it is just their greed that they are making false claim of copyrights just to close hundreds of true Pakistani music & movies lovers uploaders like us who were not benefitting a single penny from uploads rather we were only serving our country Pakistan with a passion to preserve and spread great works of the past which would have gone extinct if we had not helped to archive it with out time, money and energy. We seriously and strongly demand the Admin of Youtube to Ban such fraudulent company who is not even based in Pakistan yet making false claims of copyrights on Pakistani Music & Movies. Their C.E.O. named Kamran Ahmed can be contacted on MOVIEBOX, 1st Floor, 351 Lichfield Road, Aston, Birmingham B6 7ST with Tel - +44 (0) 121 328 1356 and Fax - +44 (0) 121 328 3850 and E-Mail at  We are soon contacting UK authorities to ban this fake company throughout their business in UK with fake copyright music & movies from Pakistan. Evidences are being collected right now to send to them. They even claimed the companies like Famous Videos, Shell Videos, Opal Videos and TWI movies all of which are no more in business since 20-30 years. So how and from whom they could get copyrights from these companies? They are covering the randomly appearing logos of the original brands with moviebox logos masking over the original ones and we have gathered proofs of all such prints with exact time stamp. We are also filing a petition in Parliament Senate Committee for the fake work of selling Govt Assets of Lok Virsa audio visual collections being uploaded by moviebox on their channel with moviebox logo. This is absolutely fake, fraud, false and against all the moral and legal ethics. We request all of you to support us, the true music n movie lovers of Pakistan. Thanx.  Plz Send Your Evidences and Help us by contacting Zafar Iqbal at

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