Disciplinary Action For Siena Professor Discriminating Against Conservative Students

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Professor bias and discrimination towards students is unacceptable and something has to be done!

On March 20, 2018, Siena College Philosophy Professor, Jennifer McErlean, directed an email towards a politically active conservative student, Antonio Bianchi. In this email, McErlean discriminates against conservative students on campus. She says that the thought of working with them “makes [her] miserable". McErlean targets and out right names Bianchi and another conservative student on campus, Nicole Commisso, for her op-ed pieces in the student newspaper, The Promethean.

Our voices need to be heard in the Siena Community! We are not a “small band” and we have the right to express our opinions/beliefs. No student should be treated differently because of their political values. If you believe there should be disciplinary action taken towards this professor for her discrimination and bias towards students based on their conservative beliefs - please sign this petition! If you believe the Siena College Administration has a responsibility to address the concerns of all students regardless of their political values - sign this petition!