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65 not working now and cant get the pension

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I have retired for medical reason no fault of my own  Have been told I suffer from PTSD and now have mental health issues  from the death of my son  plus a very bad back with a lot of problems with bludging disks and nerves  exposed so in a great deal of pain and from a have been declined for disability. Plus i can not get the pension as the government has added 6months onto the pension age .So i have to be on new start .I cant get approved lower housing through horizon. As i dont get enough money to pay for rent .i am medium on the housing list .so they sent me a letter saying in there eyes i am better to.look for other housing as i probably wont get offered one .As im not emergency in there eyes.i would like the law changed for people who cant work at aged 65 to be able to get there pension.  Beacuse not getting it in my eyes is a form.of punishment Which the govenment i.sure never thought of the average peson who has worked hard all there life and has been told they have to wait now until 65 plus 6 exra months.Appling for centrelink is sad degrading .Plus centrelink certainly make you feel like that.I am sure there are other people out there who would agree .I would like to get the law changed back to 65 for the people who want it and need it.Be ause the government havent helped me or centrelink.They want me back in the work force so my new start is going to be stopped in April this year .i would of start 6 months by then .with a signed paper by my doctor not allowed to work .But centrelink has not thought of my tragedy or back.pain.even though they have seen reports and scans of it all.

If people back me maybe the government will vote and change the law back 











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