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Help save the lives of innocent dogs in South Korea the host of 2018 Winter Olympics

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Yuna Kim is a former gold and silver medalist who still holds the olympic record in Figure Skating.  And she's the embassador for 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Dear embassador Yuna Kim,

Please help discontinue needless slaughter and cruelty on Korean dogs.  

Recently the Korean government decided to market the dog meat cuisine as a well being food court for the tourists coming to see the winter olimpic games by changing the name of dog meat soup from "boshingtang" to "boyangtang".  Although the sound of these two words are similar, there's difference between the meaning of "boshingtang" and "boyangtang". 

Boshingtang involves the time after the Korean War, whereas poor families has had no choice but to kill and then eat their hybrid dogs, called "tonggae" which is likely a mixed breed of western and eastern canines.

Boyangtang is a more sophisticated spicy stew that has a variety of Chinese herbal products as its primary ingredients.

We live in a period of time which many researches are funded to find cures for chronic diseases ( hypertension, diabetes , etc ) ,derived from ingesting animal foods. 

South Korea is a much more wealthy country now than 60 years ago. It is among the 10 most prosperous countries economically in the world.  But it has made a horrible choice by marketing dog meat as one of their cultural foods.

It's irrational and insulting to all of us who have compassion to our dogs that really mean much more than companion animal.

Dogs are my family ...





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