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YTV, Greenlight "Kid vs. Kat" Third Season!

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Hello YTV. We have see Kid vs. Kat since its creation in 2008 (or 2007) until its finale in 2011. This series was one of the best series that your executives made and produced, and for this and other reasons, it's strangeful that a Third Season wasn't made. That's sadly!

The series ended with a silly finale, and many fans had believed that a Third Season would be made in the future. Many rumors were made for a Third Season, like the the appearance of a character named Silver and Mrs. Burtonburger, the revelation of Mr. Kat's Girlfriend (it's rumored to be Elenore), that Mr. Kat and his Girlfriend would had Sphynx kitties, that Old Lady Munsion's past would be revealed, that Coop would had a new girlfriend, that Coop would be send to a mental asylum in straitjacket for his "inventions" or Mr. Kat, thta Mr. Cheeks would return for the fifth time, etc.

For that reason, we try to convince your executives (and your business partners) for make another season and continue the franchise. Please YTV, accept this petition before Mr. Kat and Commander Kat could destroy it!

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