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Youtube Users: Get rid of the Google+ & Youtube connection

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Hey Google+, please stay the fuck away from my Youtube account.
Yours sincerely - Everyone.

Seriously though, Google+ is a failed website and Google know it. They are trying to recover it with their Youtube community but forcing us to use it makes it so much worse. 
If you haven't already seen the update, you MUST have a Google+ account linked to your Youtube account to be able to comment on any (even your own) Youtube videos.
The reason I am so against this is because I don't want all the shitty added on tabs on my Youtube account that link to Google+, I should'nt need a random intergrated account to use features I had previously such as commenting and I was happy with the way it was.
Its a failed website and Google have put far to much effort and money into it to accept that Google+ is not going to be the next big social networking phenomenon.
Pull your head in Google - If you don't listen to your community, Google+ will do even more damage to what you have created as users of Youtube will diminish.

Please comment your thoughts on this. Please feel free to share this and spread the word as I refuse to update to Google+ as Google+ will not control my decision making. Until they have fixed this issue you will not see me comment on any videos as I refuse to make a Google+ account.

Good day.

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