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Terminate Logan Paul's channel

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Logan Paul is an American Youtuber with 15.2 million subscribers.  He is known for stealing other Youtubers' clothes, supporting his brother when he accused another Youtuber, FaZe Banks, of assaulting his assistant without proof (bc it was a lie), jumping in a canal in Venice and flying a drone in Rome (both are illegal), and misleading his viewers.  However, since his fanbase is made up of young, impressionable kids who worship him like a god, they forgive him, so all these terrible things he's done seem to have not ruined his reputation in the slightest.

On new year's eve, he uploaded a vlog where he visited the Japanese suicide forest and found the body of a man who had hung himself.  He used the man's dead body as clickbait and told viewers to get in touch with a suicide prevention hotline as damage control bc he knew he would get heavy backlash for it.  The damage control didn't work, lots of ppl are hating on him rn (he's losing subs as I write this) bc he exploited the fact that a man took his own life for views and money.  This is in violation of Youtube's community guidelines, as are a few of the other things he's done.  Surely, this is enough for his channel to get terminated.

If we get a million signatures I'll declare victory.

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