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Take down the Roblox Youtuber "Robuxian"!

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The following letter is an explanation of how Robuxian is lying about his videos and the explanation of the inspect element.

Robuxian is a well known ROBLOX Youtuber who makes videos about getting "free" ROBUX, but actually most of his videos are about using the Inspect element in Google Chrome. Who don't know what the Inspect element does, please proceed to this link:

So, with the Inspect element you can basically edit any website temporarily, what means that if you would refresh the page, it would return back. Maybe you have seen when Robuxian has used Pastebin to copy and paste some code into the ROBLOX website and some weird stuff comes where you have to subscribe to his channel for this hack to "work" but when you subscribed and checked back, it would not still work? If he tells you to subscribe for some "hack" (what never work btw), then you are being scammed. You know why? Because he can’t associate some code to check that you're subscribed.

Another type of scam is when you’re at the gift redeem page, then it asks you to copy paste some unknown code in via the inspect element, then he asks you to redeem the robux with some code in it. And by the way, ROBLOX discontiniued the gift cards in 2015! That means that some new code is not accepted. Only old cards are being accepted.

These free robux scams have gone too far. There is no way to get free robux, unless you receive a valid gift card code from a friend or receive it from someone. These scams just waste your time. 

Robuxian and other Youtubers lying about getting free robux like Urban420 Network, need to be terminated from Youtube. Are you getting sick of this clickbaiting? Sign this petition today to make an end to free robux scams!


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