Shut Down ProsafiaGaming

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ProsafiaGaming is a popular YouTube channel whose goal is to show others parts of games, such as unlockable characters, vehicles, and bosses from multiple games. This is all fine and dandy, but when a new game comes out ( Latest Example: Kirby Star Allies - All Bosses + Secret Bosses, released 1 day before the game's release, 3/15/2018 ), he puts pictures of the bosses ( including the final boss, major spoilers ) in the thumbnail, which is unfair for others, because some may want to avoid spoilers, but see a thumbnail containing the final boss of [ X ]. Kirby Star Allies - All Bosses + Secret Bosses isn't the only video he's put spoilers in the thumbnail. He's also done this with Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Champion Hau Battle & Ending, spoiling the Champion and ending one day before the release date, November 17th, 2017. We should not allow him to do this, because it ruins the game(s) for others who want to it enjoy it themselves WITHOUT spoilers. Recently, he has spoiled the Octo Expansion DLC Bosses and the Final Boss -- by straight up putting the Final Boss in the thumbnail! 

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