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Basically, ALL independent media YouTube shows are in deep trouble as their revenue from YouTube have been slashed by 90%. So this impacts a lot....Kyle Kulinski's Secular Talk, The Young Turks and all its sub-channels such as TYT Politics with Jordan Chariton and TYT Nation, The Humanist Report, The David Pakman Show, The, Jimmy Dore Show, Tim Black, Real Progressives...anything that can be considered controversial.

Supposedly, according to Wall Street Journal, Neo-Nazi videos were showing ads, and hence the decision was made by YouTube that anything controversial would have ad's boycotted.

Personally, I do not believe this is a coincidence. Progressive alternative media has grown a huge following among millennials while the average age of shows like Rachel Maddow is above 60 (the average age of Fox News viewers is more like in the 70s now). So the establishment media has lost control of the youth.

To top it off, progressive alternative media is impacting the politics in a rather major way. This began with coverage of the huge protests against Governor Scott Walker in Madison, Wisconsin, grew with Occupy Wall Street, continued on with Bernie Sanders campaign, and grew to the point where it became very clear that establishment media shows, especially noticeable with MSNBC, were schilling for large corporations.

Progressive Alternative Media has of late played a role in encouraging protest against politicians to the point where it killed Trumpcare in congress, and is aiding in sprouting out primarily challengers from the left willing to take down corporate Democrats. I believe that the growing ability of Progressive Alternative Media to actually begin to influence the politics threw fear into the hearts of some elites and was becoming a step to far for us rabble.

Hence a major program to de-fund and destroy those Progressive programs. Some of them will disappear and perhaps some will survive based on subscription models...hard to say. We have to provide support if we can and when we can.

Be aware of this fight and groups should discuss what can be done to save Progressive media. After all...we are using privately owned vehicles like YouTube and Facebook. Its not a freedom of speech issue...they can shut us down when they want to. However, we are "customers of content" and so we do provide that value.

Please stand against this!!

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