Justice For Reaction Channels Against ENTURA

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Justice For Reaction Channels Against ENTURA

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Justin Smith started this petition to Google, Inc and


I'm Justin and i've been a Fan of Reaction Channels For Almost Two Years and they've Helped Me get through Some Bad Times so now its time for me to help them.

The Problem 

Entura International Has Hit multiple Reaction Channels in the past few months on Reactions of Shows They don't Even own,and by doing this They have given those channels Copyright Strikes and as we all know if a Channel gets 3 Strikes its in danger of getting taken down.most of the people behind these channels work their ass off to get what they have and losing all their Subscribers will force them to start all over,i'm talking about channels that have 30K subs in Danger.

What Reaction Channels do is Allowed under Fair Use


The doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.

HBO,AMC and other Networks have given permission as long as its Cut Down to 10 mins of Footage in a Reaction,But Entura doesn't care they've hit people with 3 strikes on one video,a video with footage they don't own.

Entura has given strikes for Reactions Such as:

13 Reasons Why,Preacher,Breaking Bad,The Walking Dead,The Blacklist.

A Bunch of Reaction Channels have been Disabled Where they can't upload or do anything and some of those channels are:

Torchwood Boy,AlectricBritSmash,Failwhale and RealTalkReactions

Channels have even been taken down such as:


Sign This Petition to force Youtube to confront this Because its not fair or Justified. 



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This petition had 3,072 supporters

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