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Have Logan and Jake Paul banned from YouTube

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This isn't meant to be about hate. I started this petition because there are YouTube creators who are extremely disrespectful and take things too far. The Paul brothers are the biggest example. The most recent incident involving Logan Paul and his trip to Japan was the worst possible scenerio. His actions could possiblycause harm to his viewers. The more obnoxious they get, the more they tarnish the face of YouTube. 

It seems childish to do something like this, but what else can be done? Maybe if enough of us want them gone it could possibly happen. 

They are helping to contribute to the "ad-pocolypse" which is effecting other creators on YouTube. Smaller YouTubers are having to leave their YouTube jobs and return to full-time jobs because they need to earn a living. I understand not everyone can make it on YouTube, but if more wholesome, and encouraging content could be seen, wouldn't you want it to?

The Paul brothers have come a long way, but their time on YouTube should be up. 

Considering the content of the Logan Paul video, I have decided to include the international suicide prevention number.

1 800-273-8255

Also, here is a link of you are able to donate to suicide prevention cause:

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