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Rate Queer Kid Stuff channel unsuitable for children.

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The young lady responsible for the Queer Kid Stuff YouTube Channel, is making videos that are ideological and political. The videos on the channel explain what LGBTQ+ is, to a target audience of toddlers, telling them it's not only OK to be LGBTQ+, but that it's cool, unique and makes you special, and almost better than cis. There are subtle and divisive hints towards cis people. The videos explain that doctors are sometimes wrong when "assigning" a gender, that there are many genders, and that you can choose any one you want. This is all couched in euphemisms that a small child would not understand, such as comparing unicorns to trans people. This is disturbing sexualisation of children. It has the potential to confuse and corrupt a young child with no sexual interest or understanding. Please YouTube, classify this channel as unsuitable for children. We need to let kids be kids. Sex is for adults. LGBTQ+ issues are very important. But leave kids out of it until they reach an age where they can be given sex education by professionals. Please help make YouTube safe for kids.

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