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Hey guys and gals I am making this petition to save Youtube for future generations and beyond so as many of you guys know the WallStreet Journal created some fake news that said that Pewdiepie was a Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi which is just borderline bullshit and ridiculous but they didn't stop at that they went and told Major Multinational Corporations to pull there Ads from Youtube because they are supporting Anti-Semitic, Fascist, Racist content and because of this Youtube is going through a crisis which is making our favorite Youtubers which we all know and love lose money to make content for us. Now when I first heard that these companies are going to boycott Youtube I thought to myself like WTF were the people in the Marketing Department of these companies who put the money of these companies on YouTube, what exactly were you expecting? That your Ads wouldn't appear on almost everysingle video either they have some handicapped retards with a High-School diploma working in there Marketing Departments or they just need to fire there Marketing Directors because nobody goes to Youtube and expects kid-friendly content that's what Youtube Kids is for. Also our favorite Youtubers which we know and love can't cuss or swear otherwise there videos are going to get Demonitized but to be honest with you guys and gals cuss and swear words are still part of the English language these words are in the dictionary and people have every right to use these words whenever and however they want to the only problem is the fact that they are being used as insults if you don't have the right to swear then you shouldn't have the right to say any other piece of vocabulary in the dictionary also who said cuss and swear words were bad if you don't like them then just cover your ears also by making videos of Youtubers get Demonitized because they cuss or swear you are violating a Democratic right which obviously is Freedom of Speech but there is a time and place for it people also abuse it and say what they want when they want that's completely not ok. I am not allowed to go off on a racist and prejudice rant and then say I am doing it in the name of Freedom of Speech that's not Freedom of Speech that's being a fascist,jerk and asshole also using the term Freedom of Speech to back up your statement is the most retarded and dumbest thing I ever heard you if you want to make a statement that's absolutely fine but you have to explain your statement not justify it. Also the leading figures at YouTube should have stood up to these companies and defended all content creators on Youtube and told them "Are you honestly that retarded to believe a stupid and lousy magazine which creates fake news and drama and then feeds off the pain,misery and suffering of others just to gain attention but that's totally fine if you want to believe them then go ahead we won't stop you I am sure there are other companies who would be happy to advertise on Youtube such as Milka,Schogeten,Neoplanta,Acumen,IKEA,Adidas and many others" but No instead of saying that to them and went to go look for new companies which would be willing to advertise on YouTube they decided to get back these multinational corporations even if it's at the expense of other Youtubers this a huge betrayal, sell-out and a big slap to the face and middle finger to other Youtubers who helped make Youtube what it is today. So in my opinion Youtube needs to fix this mess because without Youtubers, Youtube would never have existed in the first place so please sign this petition so we can get people at Youtube to notice the mess they have made and fix it and make it so Youtubers can earn money easily and freely again because Youtube is there job and we as the common people of the world don't care about what made you create this mess in the first place they have to realise the mistakes they made and fix them and if you don't care then what was the point of making Youtube in the first place, so I urge all of you to not just sign this petition but to support your favourite Youtuber/s in any way,shape or form because they need all the help they can get in these Dark Times also try to avoid buying products from multinational corporations who are boycotting Youtube to send a clear message to them that we are serious in our endeavour. So let's unite together and show Youtube that we aren't prepared to stand aside and watch our favorite Youtubers struggle and fight back against these no good,greedy,money-grabbing Multinational Corporations and any other social media who is against Youtube because together we can achieve great things and so much more. Also feel free to share this petition wherever you can because we need to get all the support we can in order to make an impact and a big difference.


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