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End Elsagate videos

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Elsagate are the nicknames given to supposedly child-friendly videos on YouTube (as most of the videos feature Elsa from Frozen). From their thumbnails, they sometimes seem innocent, but in reality contain inappropriate, disturbing content. Such content can include:
*Consumption of feces or urine (sometimes shown in the thumbnail)

*Injections, usually in the ass for some weird reason

*Urine or feces fetishes

*Child abuse (though this is less common on the popular videos)

*Things associated with death, violence, or injury (these can create phobias in some children)

*Sexual content (usually softcore, but can sometimes be illegal things like child porn)

Elsagate videos can either be animations or real-life acting.

Parents are usually unaware of the content in these videos, as they can assume from the thumbnails and the titles that the video seems innocent enough, and even supposedly feature familiar Disney characters.

YouTube and Disney haven't said anything about these videos, despite many of them getting millions of views. The goal of this petition is to end these videos, and also get rid of the source of these channels.

To see examples of Elsagate videos, you can simply search on YouTube simple keywords such as "Elsa" or "Mickey Mouse". Often times the thumbnails look like someone is cosplaying as the searched character or has a cartoon picture of the character that doesn't look very authentic, almost like a bootleg.

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