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Stop Youtube's Collaboration with Nazis

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Neo-Nazis hack Youtube. Youtube Yawns. Wake Youtube Up.

Muzikifi recently released a Youtube video about diverse cultures and races, etc., around the world, collaborating musically. This video became #2 trending Youtube video in many places. Neo-Nazi trolls flagged the video claiming that the 1/3rd of a second a viewer could see a Zulu dancer's breast was "overtly sexual".

Of course it wasn't.

Youtube has, according to our research, over one million videos of Zulu dancers breasts visible for several minutes. Yet upon appeal, Youtube insisted that "YouTube isn't the place for nudity or sexually provocative content."

The issue is larger. Corporate censorship, controlled by neo-Nazis or any other special interest group, is far worse than anything Orwell ever imagined. Like it or not, Youtube IS the new public square, and it should not be controlled by bots, AI, call center drones, and special interests such as neo-Nazis.

Youtube, Restore Muzikifi’s video “Why Not…?” (original URL below)


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