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Get "eatdatpussy445" terminated off of YouTube for violent & criminal content.

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As we all know, "eatdatpussy445" has ran into community guideline strikes as of recent. Constant people have been defending him over the past week & want him to stay on YouTube. But based on plenty of his videos, he promotes nothing but violence & hate towards ALL WOMEN, Black, White, Mexican & Asian people constantly by objectifying women as "shallow ass bitches" & says stuff like "Asian bitches are a trip" or "Mexican need to close their legs & stop fuckin'". On top of that, he's made sexually disturbing videos like "stolen bra collection" where he admits to a criminal act & theft of bras & talked very sexually in the video about masturbation & ejaculation. He has also had a video where he STRIPPED NAKED & displayed his rear end on YouTube which obviously violates the guidelines for sexual content & extremely inappropriate disturbing content. Also, he's made videos CONDONING hitting women & has claimed to kill a dog & outright said that he would "rape & murder people". He also promotes fighting 13 year olds & promotes plenty of physical violence.


Better yet, on a recent video (that was deleted for hate speech) he literally threatened to viciously murder a 16 year old by "dragging him across the street & let homeless people stomp on him until his lungs explode". He as influenced & his entire fan base to make death threats, hatred & violence against a teenage boy. That is predatory behavior, promotion of terrorism, & threats of terrorism. This all heavily violates YouTube's guidelines & he shows no signs of changing his ways. He promotes hate nearly every single video & his fans will carry on that message of hate.


Viciously violent death threats on video & spreading hate towards protected groups & bullying/harassment on a daily basis is a violation of the guidelines & should be a result of terimnation. Along with this, his names of his two channels are "eatdatpussy445" which is sexually inappropriate & the other one is called "tastethis2inchdick445 Julio" which is an even more sexually inappropriate username. Also added on with him showing himself naked on camera which is SEXUAL CONTENT. His name, videos & fan base mainly promotes terrorism, hate speech & inappropriate sexual behavior & Terroristic acts. All of this is worthy of termination. Nobody on YouTube has said as much terrible things as "eatdatpussy445" has said. 


Let's help YouTube become a safer community where no predatory & malicious behavior occurs. Thank you for taking this petition into consideration. 

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