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Call CPS on MommyOFive and DaddyOFive!

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They own at least two Youtube channels called DaddyofFive and MommyofFive.

They’re a Youtube family that pulls off pranks on each other. They think it’s funny, but it’s not.

Several of these pranks involve blaming the kids for something they didn’t do. Recently, a video came out called the Invisible Ink prank. It involved spraying a bunch of ink onto their youngest son Cody’s room’s floor, and then yelling and threatening to punish him.

They kept yelling, swearing and threatening to take his allowance and sell all their toys. For something the poor kid didn’t do. They then keep telling them “IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO. DEAL WITH IT.”

Then they had the utter gall to deny that they didn’t do anything wrong, that it was just the haters that are ruining their lives. What disturbs me the most is that most of their treatments all centre on Cody.

So far they have, on camera,:

physically hit him
yelled and swore at him
threatened punishments of several degrees
destroyed his property
There’s even one prank that involves tricking Cody that he’s being put up for adoption.

Cody seemed so miserable and has clearly said that he hates these pranks. In one video he even asks “So you put me through all this, just for a stupid prank?!”

It’s haunting me even as I type this.

Anyone who has a Youtube account, please flag these channels. They are abusing their kids for money. This is not okay.

I’m seriously so upset that I’m crying right now. Like, I’m literally shaking while typing all this. Kids should not suffer because of their parent’s greed for money.

Update: Cody has been banned from going to Disneyland with his family…because he rubbed poop all over the room. Scatolia is a very bad behavioral sign. It’s a common sign of abuse and signals OCD, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. It can also mean that he’s trying to control his environment; he feels a sense of powerlessness and loss of control in his everyday surroundings.

Now, some people like this kind of thing and they’re perfectly alright, I won’t judge. But from prior evidence we have just seen, this does not seem to be the case.

He’s crying out for help. This poor boy needs help.

We can’t let them keep ruining this poor boy’s life.

These are their channels:



For news coverage:

YouTube pranksters Daddyofive deny child abuse claims

Parents defend a harsh prank video that left their son, 9, sobbing

Update 2: So there have been people asking me what we can do to help Cody. I’ve compiled some actions we can do:

Flag videos. Hit them where it hurts, especially their wallet. Sooner or later when they have three strikes from all those flagging, Youtube will shut down their accounts.

Call Child Protective Services. We need to put pressure on CPS to get Cody out immediately. From what I’ve heard, they’re onto it and starting a case against them. If you’re curious, they’re based in Baltimore, Maryland, and the dad’s name is Mike Martin and his wife Heather is an accountant. I wish I can call them, but I’m based in Canada. If anyone gets their number for CPS please let me know.
So far, that’s what I got that we can do. Other than that, we can only wait and see how soon CPS reacts; I believe that it’s not going to be long before this goes to court.

Quorans, we have to fight for this kid.

Update 3: Oh my god, guys. Cody and his sister Emma are not the mother’s kids. I repeat, they are not her children.

Their biological mom was DO5’s ex-girlfriend and she took care of those children. I looked her up and she’s the real mother. She’s been trying to get her kids back for years…she lives in North Carolina. Apparently the father and step-mother forged papers when Cody was visiting his father and he’s been stuck with them since. That was 3 years ago. Then his sister was taken away too.

North Carolina CPS agreed that it’s bad, but Maryland police and social services said that it was “corporal punishment.” Furthermore, the custody of the children were taken away from her due to her having bipolar disorder. Heather’s sister is also a CPS detective. We have a conflict of interest.


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