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YouTube, c/o Google Inc.: Force companies filing copyright complaints to prove their grievance.

Google Inc., the parent company of YouTube, is headquartered in the United States. As such, they are bound by US Law.

However, Companies such as EMI, Warner Bros, Universal, and others; as well as organizations such as the RIAA; have been granted sweeping privileges that allow them to report a video and have it removed almost instantaneously for alleged copyright violations. None of the entities have to prove their allegations before the accusation is acted upon.

In the United States these accusations are criminal accusations, as copyright violation is a crime. YouTube's policy allows these companies and organizations carte blanche in virtually declaring someone a criminal without due process.

By signing this petition, you are stating that you believe no corporation or organization should have carte blanche in censoring individuals; that every accusation must be proven before acted upon; and that all offending companies and organizations should be held accountable for fraud. You are also agreeing that at present, the system YouTube has in place is illegal, denying the user due process, and ignoring that someone is innocent until proven guilty.

Thank you for signing.

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  • CEO, YouTube, LLC
    Salar Kamangar
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    Steve Chen

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