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Ban Behind The Meme from youtube

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Behind The Meme is a youtube channel reviewing so called internet "memes". The reason I want to shut his channel down is that everytime I watch him a bit of my soul is chipped away down to satan. He reviews all kinds of memes, ranging from dank to facebook memes.

The problem is his fucking shitty layout with his fucking cringy gifs that he probably finds on fucking tumblr and the "funny" pictures he puts in the video he probably found by typing "funny pictures" into google search. His choice of music, the same fucking classical song over and over. Let us also not forget the way he talks, like he is teaching 5 year olds how to fucking shit. FUCK!!

And that fucking catchphrase at the end: "meeemees are keeeeeng". If this sentence doesn't make you suicidal then you must be severely autistic.

So the problem is that his whole fanbase is made of 12 year old normies(that searches on fucking youtube on what memes are) who overuses the meme he reviews with completely unfunny edits and reposts, and makes them stale and "normied".

(the definition of normie can be found here)

He is a threat to all of the dank memers and could eradicate the whole dank community by mentioning one of our secret dank communities and overflooding it with normie piece of shits. I hope you spread the word of this threat

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