Ban Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd For Fake Copyright Strike on Social Media

Ban Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd For Fake Copyright Strike on Social Media

27 February 2018
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Started by Saleef Shah

Hi, I'm a content creator and owner of Beginnie & Pakistan Top Stories I use to make videos for youtube, write blog etc but, recently my Youtube account was banned because of Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd Fake Strikes You can look at this forum  Google Forum so many fake copyright claim by Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd. We want youtube and facebook to ban Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd from fake copyright strikes we work so hard to make a content use tags upload with a good tittle but everything is a waste if this is happening. Please youtube and Facebook don't make it too simple to remove our video we work our ass off to run our business. Action must be taken against Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd.

Thank you for signing this petition. Now we are reaching our target
20,000+ signups. We are in the right place and right move. I am happy
to announce Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd under court case now. Yes! One of
our online marketer and content creator Mr.Pushparaj director of
AdSysInfoTech Pvt Ltd, India recently lost his YouTube channel because
of Aiplex fake copyright claims. He Received 22 videos of copyright
claims in 30 days. 18 reactivated in YT by counter-notifications.
Aiplex cant gives proof for their claims. No, he started a legal process
against Aiplex. He created a website for this issue Let we support him. Let we do right against
Aiplex. Thank you for all.

Please don't forget to use these hashtags in social media: #ihateaiplex
#banaiplex #stopfakecopyrightclaims

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Signatures: 25,146Next Goal: 35,000
Support now

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