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Allow Youtubers to appeal Community Guidelines Strikes more than once.

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YouTube is a video sharing platform that has existed since 2005. Due to YouTube having a majority of people using the platform. It becomes harder to control what goes on YouTube. As such YouTube's systems become automated. YouTube's systems have remained outdated for quite some time which led to a very significant increase in false takedowns and strikes as 2016 rolls around. It's gotten so bad that every day, Hundreds of Thousands of YouTubers get hit with a false community guidelines strike. Due to a 200 characters limit in the appeals box and the fact you can only appeal once. You can be unlucky to have it reviewed by an easily offended Social Justice Warrior who would reject your appeal. Once your appeal is Rejected. You cannot appeal again regardless if it's a false strike. A majority of people hit by community guidelines strikes don't have the power to pressure YouTube to undo the mistake. People who received false strikes don't deserve to be forced to deal with a community guidelines strike. Three strikes and your channel is taken down leading to so many YouTubers to private their videos and quit YouTube altogether. Because the owners of YouTube are Google and that Google is known for not supporting Freedom of Speech. The ones who are hit hardest are the pro Trump conservative accounts which the YouTube staff would make excuses saying the content is misleading so they could hide the truth. Due to all the negligence and abuse caused on it's users. The people who YouTube is known for getting a bunch of criticism and hate with many people planning to file class action lawsuits against YouTube and Google.

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