To stop the debris and junk scattered all around the society, it must be in dump yards.

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Nowadays someone or the other is affected by a contagious disease, a viral fever, asthama and so on due to unhygenic surroundings. Nowadays even animals are affected due to the unhygenic surrounding everywhere, as we have seen cows hunting for food but end up eating plastic covers along with their intake. Many but many others are facing this problem, be it animals, plants and human beings. 

This impact can change your life by reducing the unhygienic situation in and around your situation. We must have an induvual concious on not littering anything anywhere. We need to put the right stuff in the right place for the right atmosphere to be achieved. 

The more we litter the more we suffer. All we need to do is to just pay attention to our surroundings, looking at which we shouldn't be another person to cause an addition to the increase in destruction to the society. Since we all live here we need to love our society we live in and respect it.

Motive - Let's make the place we live in like the place we never imagined it would be.