Make it illegal to film at concerts on mobile phones

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"The visceral memory of the next 5 minutes will be a lot better than a video on your iPhone." - Matty Healy, The 1975.

People at gigs nowadays spend too much time filming on their phones rather than experiencing the true nature and environment of concerts. They lose the moment. They don't know what it truly is to experience live music. It's more important for them to film the concert to validate their experiences through distribution on social media rather than the discussion of spoken conversation based on actual memory. Also it is important to mention that seeing phones at the top of crowds is disrespectful towards the live act and the audience. It removes the visibility of the stage for so many people. Anyway, what's the point in seeing the whole gig through a minuscule screen when you can put it down and view it through your eyes which are like infinite times more higher quality. 

Plus people barely dance around in gigs anymore. Which is important.