Save Turf City & Orto

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The land around Bukit Timah is full of sporting facilities for different sports. It is now being earmarked as land for redevelopment for residential use.

Land is scarce in Singapore but there should be enough land for adults and children to mix about through sports, thus leading to building strong communities.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has recently released the Draft Master Plan 2019 to convert the Bukit Timah region (encompassing Centaurs Sports Park, Tanglin Rugby Club, The Cage, Rainforest, Premier Pitch, Horse City, Bukit Timah Saddle Club and others) into a residential zone.



30 APR 2019 — 

I hadn't logged in as I was away for work. But I am glad that this petition actually had reached to over 1000 people.

Not only is Turf City under the master redevelopment. Yishun's Orto as well. So I do hope more people will spread the word around to save these 2 locations. 

We lack greenery spaces in Singapore where by we can let our kids roam around. More housing redevelopments means more people in our tiny little island. That means more urban jungles. Sooner or later, our kids and their kids will only have walls, pillars and buildings to look forward to.