Protect Dogs: Give them the Right to Live

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Dogs are naturally exist with its own purpose, they may be different from humans but dog themselves unique and good characteristics. they also have hearts and flaws, in some ways they were capable doing things which sometimes humans cant do.

Dogs are said to be a man's best friend for they can sacrifice themselves for their owners. They are trusted, a true companion, and sweet. They are useful in many ways such as:Dogs can help reduce stress levels in humans and provides a sense of security.

There is no definite reason to kill a dog just for personal interest. They have the right to live, to be valued, and deserved to be loved. That is why as a concerned citizen we strongly advocate the following:

  •  No to Dog eating habits
  • No killing of stray dogs
  • No to dog hit and run and;
  • Finally no to any act of abusing dog