You can help stop Oil exploration off our South Cape Coast - Plett to Cape St Francis

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We object to the application for Oil exploration rights by Sungu Sungu Oil of Ghana in “Pletmos”  offshore of Plett to Cape St Francis.

There is no motivation for locals in this offshore Oil /Gas exploration project, with its associated 3D seismic survey, potential drilling & oil production- but it is harmful to our local coastal economy of largely Fisheries and Tourism, also directly harmful to Marine Fauna & habitat.

If Oil production is undesirable here, then why risk a dangerous 3D seismic survey, potentially doing irreversible harm?

Ecological impacts of seismic exploration include threats of injury to: cape rock lobster, 3 globally threatened species of turtles, squid, numerous fish species, sea-birds, seals, and many species of whale and dolphins. Some may be able to swim away from the seismic airguns, but others suffer death, infertility, loss of balance, deafness, bubble sickness, loss or displacement from habitat, disruption of communications, and even mass strandings have been recorded. (The project proposes 1-3 months of seismic blasting over an area of 2500km2.)

Economic impacts of seismic exploration & oil production:

Tourism: This coastline attracts large numbers of visitors annually, and having built a strong local economy over years and years, still employs thousands of locals in National Parks, accommodation, services, transport, food production & distribution, real estate ,ocean & land tours..- bringing in substantial revenue and employment for the South Cape. Offshore Oil exploration, drill rigging, production, associated shipping and pollution will depreciate the area, thereby diminishing its attractiveness, harming local industries(eg. just West of Pletmos, in Voorbaai/Hartenbos, there is up to 1m of fuel floating in the groundwater- which PetroSA has not remediated in 8yrs)

Fishing: The area has a strong fishing economy, generated by the squid, cape rock lobster, demersal trawl and long-line, traditional line-fish, and purse-seine fisheries. Threats of reduced catches, behavioural changes, displacement, loss of habitat, disruption of spawning, increase of predation are some of the direct impacts of the exploration, not even considering the future impact of oil production, should reserves be found.

Is there a need or motivation for locals in this offshore oil/gas project? Foreign head-quartered and employing highly-specialised staff, they will be taking income, employment and stability from the South Cape by damaging the local environment, and its hard-won industries.

This project is undesirable, unsustainable, and incompatible with the Regions' existing economy, marine habitat & fauna, and more likely to do irreversible damage to the local economy, and marine environment than benefit anyone other than Sungu Sungu and its associates.

Less than 5% of our coastal waters are protected from oil exploration, the rest open to prospecting, so lets make Pletmos a Marine Protected Area, helping to create a balance of our resources, for a sustainable future for all South Africans.

 “Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall, he will end by destroying the world." (Albert Schweitzer).