Allow Boys to have Hair Tied up at Austin Cove Baptist College

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I ask you the question, what effect does my hair have on my education? Absolutely none, so why would I not be able to wear my hair tied up neatly. Hair has no detriment on my education and will not change my ability to learn, and my hair would neither be a distraction to other peers seeing that girls have tied up hair anyway. 

You may argue it looks for unpresentable for the school. But if a boy is more confident with longer hair then that will show in how he presents himself. If someone was insecure about their hair that wouldn’t be as confident maybe then not look as presentable. Confidence is the number one thing to look well dressed. 

Being a Baptist school maybe it states somewhere that long hair on males is a sin. But by common belief Jesus had long hair and also Samson a powerful man in the bible who actually gained his strength from his hair and wasn’t allowed to cut it. So it isn’t against anyway beliefs. 

As a community we need to learn to be more accepting, but we are denying males their right of expression. What is this teaching the kids, that if everyone isn’t similar or how we like them we shouldn’t accept them for who they are. This is the complete opposite of a good school environment. 

This is blatant sexism and needs to be put to a stop, it’s the 21st century and we need to make a change for the future. 

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