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Bring iKON to the U.S!

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International ikonics would love to see iKON hold a fan meet or concert here in the U.S. So far they have only held such invents in South Korea and Japan. We promise to show them all the love and support they deserve.

Hello! I recently became a fan of iKON! It didn't take long for me to like them. If you take the time and listen to their music, watch their videos and much more you'll see that they have the biggest heart and love doing what they do. All 7 of them have worked so hard to be where they are at. They deserve to come to the U.S and be loved by all of us international fans who are patiently waiting on them with open arms, love, and fan chants! :)

Hi guys,
Stacey here :) So this petition started as a conversation between two friends who live in different states and were brought together through social media by KPOP. It's funny how music has a way of bringing people of all ages, nationalities, races and gender together. People who may have never met under other circumstances, but were brought together by their love of music. iKON is one of those groups that brings people together. The hard work they have put in and the struggle they have come through to get here truly is inspirational. Being away from their families at such young age. Sacrificing a carefree childhood to make something of themselves and support the ones they love. I have cried tears watching them miss their family. I have smiled at their victories and watched them grow into strong, independent young men. With all the hard work they have put in I am surprised they have not made their way to The States yet. If you are as inspired as we are by iKON Please help us bring our boys here. Seeing them on stage here is a dream come true. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and wishes.



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