Protect the Bears of Yellowstone National Park

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Survival of the Yellowstone Bears

  • Some visitors are feeding the Yellowstone Bears. This is very dangerous for the animal and the people.
  • Feeding by humans causes the bear to approach vehicles and humans and creates human-animal conflict. Once habituated to human feeding, bears develop aggressive behavior towards vehicles they approach when they do not get food.
  • The Yellowstone National Park and other Parks have a policy to take the affected animal out of the population.
  • This can be avoided by either aggressively educating visitors and levying fines on visitors who break the law. The YNP rangers at the entrances should warn the visitors that unlawful interaction with the wildlife will result in fines and/or expulsion from the park.
  • Signs should be posted all around the park to say "$1000 fine for feeding or purposefully approaching wildlife within the regulation distance".
  • Visitors who are repeat offenders or who refuse to pay the fine should be given notice to leave the park within a few hours or should be escorted out of the park.