We oppose a north-south route connecting HWY 260 to Cornville RD through Middle Verde RD

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Yavapai County has received a 25 million dollar BUILD grant for a bridge to connect State Route 260 to Middle Verde Rd. This grant does not cover the subsequent costs of a cross valley corridor road connecting Hwy. 260 to Cornville road and Beaverhead Flat road.

As a resident of Yavapai county, I oppose the bridge/ cross valley corridor project for the following reasons:

1. Economic costs to all residents of Yavapai county through a proposed sales tax increase to pay for the roadway.

2. Existing road and traffic issues in the Verde Valley need to be addressed prior to taxpayer dollars being spent on a new road.

3. Increased traffic congestion to the Cornville, Page Springs, and Hwy 179 roadways.

4. Verde Valleys cultural antiquities as well as endangered plants and animals should be protected, not threatened or destroyed.

5. Contradictions to the Town of Camp Verde’s General Plan and it’s goal of maintaining rural, residential and agricultural character of the area.

6. Disruptions in historically irrigated agricultural land and the farmer’s whose livelihood is dependent on that land.

7. Disruption of the quality of life in rural neighborhoods.