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Protect Cyclists and Pedestrians in Carlton North

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Protect School Children and Cyclists in Carlton North #canningsafety

Complete the Your Say Yarra Survey and let Yarra City Council know you have grave concerns with their plan to put extra cars in front of bikes and kids.
Let them know they will be providing 22 houses in a small section of Station Street with a traffic management plan at the expense of ALL OTHER RESIDENTS in Station Street. Let them know diverting the traffic that currectly accesses this exit to Princes Street onto Lee, Canning and Davis Streets poses serious SAFETY RISKS FOR CYCLISTS AND PEDESTRIANS. Tell them you do not want them to waste any more of our rate money on this narrow-minded project. Closing date for the survey is this Wednesday, Nov 22nd at 5pm - please complete it as soon as possible. Thank you.

The City of Yarra will not accept our digital signatures. WE NEED YOU! Please pop into The Wine Corner (corner of Canning and Princes Streets, right next to the Princes Street bike crossing!) to sign a hard copy petition to be formally presented to council.

Bicycle Network Victoria are understandibly concerned for all cyclists using the Canning Street bike path: "Help can the planned Station Street closure"
Why isn't the City of Yarra worried about the safety of cyclists?

Visit Your Say Yarra to formally voice your concerns:

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Yarra City Council is considering a closure of Station Street at the Princes St exit. Modelling by GTA Consultants for Yarra City Council shows that closing Station Street will divert up to 470 extra cars through Canning, Lee and Davis Streets every day.

This is a serious concern to pedestrians, many of them school children walking to the primary school on the Canning/Lee Street corner and bike commuters – 1200 cyclists use the Canning Street carriageway every day, with numbers increasing each year according to Bicycle Network.

A Traffic Impact Assessment Report for VicRoads, commissioned by Yarra City Council does not recommend the closure of Station Street. The assessment report by GTC Consultants (2016) identifies a closure of Station Street would create the following issues:

  • The majority of the traffic accessing Princes Street via Station Street will then use Canning Street, which is expected to see queues increase from 14m (two vehicles) to 63m (9 vehicles)
  • Queuing back from Princes Street will extend back past Davis Street at times and also prevent vehicles wanting to turn right into Davis Street
  • Potential safety impacts with pedestrians and cyclists as follows may occur with the additional traffic using Canning Street: Queued vehicles waiting to turn right into Davis Street may not see the southbound cyclists as clearly as they would do in free flow conditions, and when vehicles turn left out of Canning Street they are looking to the right, but the signalised crossing facility on Princes Street is on the left-hand side of Canning Street.

No accidents have been recorded along Station Street between Newry Street and Princes Street over the last five-year period BUT three crashes at the Lee Street intersection have involved and resulted in injuries to cyclists (one serious). It is confounding and concerning that Yarra City Council would seek to close Station Street knowing there would be an increase in safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists using Canning Street. The council's own submission to VicRoads clearly states:
    "In summary, there is not considered to be an existing issue with the operation and use of Station Street. It has low speeds, volumes and crash history with the majority of users being local generated trips. However, there is a potential for increased congestion on Canning Street with the closure of Station Street due to the redistributed traffic volumes still wanting to access Princes Street. As such, the closure of Station Street at Princes Street is not considered to achieve any major benefits to the network, and has the potential to result in more congestion on Canning Street."

We need to keep streets around our school and bike lanes safe.

If you don’t want an extra 470 cars endangering lives of children walking to school and cyclists commuting to work, let Yarra City Council know!

Contact: Danny Millican
Acting Coordinator Traffic
City of Yarra
03 9205 5555

Sign this petition, send your own email or make a phone call.


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