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End Cruel Sparrow Experiments at Yale University

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At my university, Yale, animals are tortured as part of cruel experiments. Wild sparrows are trapped and forced into bags simply to observe their stress and fear responses. Experimenters have rattled the birds' cages, rolled them on carts so that they cannot perch, and physically restrained them, for 30 minutes four times per day at random intervals, just to see their pained reactions. A great institution like Yale should be leading the way in ethics, not stooping to unacceptably harmful behavior just to get publications. While Yale will insist that these experiments, which include months of abusing the birds and eventually killing them, satisfy "ethics standards" legally, they are by no means ethical. Imagine walking to class, going about your day and, for no apparent reason or fault of your own, being lured into a net and made to be the subject of months-long torture such as these birds endure, and you will know immediately the horror these sparrows experience being forced into Dr. Lattin's experiments and how urgent it is they be ended.
Please, if you are against violence, if you are against animal abuse, or if you simply want Yale's faculty to uphold basic standards of dignity in their behavior towards other sentient life, sign this petition to make sure these experiments stop as soon as possible.

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