Option to disable the anti-rollback feature to the users

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First, without any notice, they enable the anti-rollback feature after some people hard bricked their devices the give us a notice in their forums. They can post about 1 rupees things that are no one can get but they don't even try to say it correctly, it's a more vital topic than the miui 10 releases. They are now giving permission to flash through the bricked why we need that it's our devices why we have take permission to flash that, they didn't clear that also. Some service center gives free services some services centers take charges to replace the motherboard, why every service center have the same rules for the bricked user who bricked their devices because of anti-rollback.

It's a good thing to have anti-rollback it's secure our devices but doesn't giving the permission disable its wrong thing because who implement or create did feature they are giving the permission to their pixel devices to disable the anti-rollback feature why xioami can't give the option to disable it.

I own my device with my own money. If its break that's will be very painful because I am a student I don't have enough money to fix it and also some people buy their devices after so much sacrifice I am from a village I know how it feels.

I always respect xioami because they do no one can think of they are truly helping hand for developing India. My point helps customers by taking steps on the basis of feedback.

Thank You.