Let’s put a final stop to the Yulin dog eating festival forever!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!

Although we have sadly failed to successfully ban the atrocious Yulin dog eating festival this year, thousands of innocent dogs and cats are being snatched, tortured, burned alive, boiled alive, stuffed into dirty overcrowded cages then cooked and eaten as I write this.. appalling! I’m calling upon the nation to not give up and instead fight with me to get this macabre festival banned once and for all! I need as many signatures as possible in order to then send to the leader of China to support why this evil evil slaughter against mans best friend must end! 

Lets again be the voice and the support for our beloved canines who need us to keep fighting. May we light candles for the brave souls who are dying for their meat today in the most ferocious and cruel ways! Let’s push on for them that their heart beats are equal to ours.

My soul is destroyed and my heart broken today that this festival has yet again not been banned.. let us all fight harder in preparation no animals suffer next year!