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Enter a Voluntary Agreement with the Neighbors

We the undersigned hereby lodge this formal protest against application ABRA-088205, filed by A Taste International, LLC for Xclusive Restaurant & Lounge under the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Act for the premises at 707 H Street NE. We ask that the ABRA deny the license request unless A Taste International, LLC for Xclusive Restaurant & Lounge is willing to enter into a voluntary agreement with us to address our concerns about the impact of their current application on (1) the peace, order and quiet of our neighborhood, (2) the adverse impact on property values of our homes and (3) the adverse impact of additional vehicular traffic on parking and pedestrian safety. Our concerns are detailed below.
The applicant proposes opening a restaurant that would serve food, have a full bar, include an outdoor seating area, offer live music entertainment and stay open as late as 3:00 AM. This combination is completely incompatible with (1) the current nature of the businesses along the 700 block of H St. NE, which are primarily daytime businesses and (2) the residential neighborhood directly behind the 700 block of H St. NE, which is occupied by families, including many small children.
Peace, Order and Quiet
There are 37 homes located along the alley directly behind the rear of 707 H St NE, the closest of which has a property line that is no more than eight feet from the area proposed for an outdoor seating area. There are at least seven children under the age of three living in the homes adjacent to this alley. Our concerns related to peace, order and quiet focus on the potential for noise, increased foot traffic and litter and the potential for rodent infestation in our alley and on the adjacent streets.
We are striving to maintain a safe and clean alley. We struggle with litter, dumping, and other problems and believe that the license as currently written would exacerbate those difficulties. As development has increased in the neighborhood and the blocks further East have become a nightlife destination, we are striving to keep these problems in check. Without modifications of the type proposed below, the proposed license would make our job significantly more challenging, particularly with respect to potential noise problems.
The residents of our neighborhood range in age from less than one year to over eighty years. The individuals at both extremes, and those in the middle, appreciate the quiet nature of our neighborhood during the traditional sleeping hours. Although there are occasionally loud groups that pass by our homes, they do pass by. They are not generating the constant noise that would be associated with an outdoor seating area of an establishment that keeps its full bar open until 3:00AM while playing live music. The outdoor seating area, the hours of operation and the live music envisioned for this establishment give us great concern that we will have unacceptable noise problems if this license is granted.
Adverse Impact on Property Values
There are many residents living in the blocks around 707 H Street NE who have their life’s savings invested in their homes. Should the peace, order and quiet of our neighborhood be disturbed by the opening of this establishment, it could easily scare away future buyers and lower the resale value of our homes.
Parking and Pedestrian Safety
They alley behind 707 H Street NE is extremely narrow, and is largely used as a pedestrian passageway by residents of the neighborhood. In addition to the challenges that the narrow alley would create for efforts to contain restaurant litter and the smells that come with it, there is simply no room for garbage trucks, delivery trucks or other commercial vehicles to negotiate the alley. In addition, greater vehicular traffic attracted by the live music offerings could adversely impact the amount of street parking available for us and our neighbors. Add in the full bar open until 3:00AM there is a real danger that drunk driving could cause injury to people and property on our block.
Proposed Voluntary Agreement Terms
We understand that our neighborhood is changing and growing, but we are working together to make sure these changes are for the better. The hours of operation proposed for this business are simply too late for a restaurant and for this block. The proposed outdoor seating area is simply too close to our homes for a venue offering live music until 3:00AM. We are requesting that A Taste International, LLC for Xclusive Restaurant & Lounge enter into a voluntary agreement address these concerns. We offer the language included in ANC 6C’s voluntary agreement with TruOrelans as a starting point for this proposed voluntary agreement.
Should Xclusive Restaurant & Lounge be unwilling to enter into such an agreement, we request that the ABRA reject this license application in it’s entirety.

We the undersigned petitioners hereby athorize Seth Johnson and/or Georgina Ardalan to represent us in all matters related to our protest of ABRA license application (#ABRA-088205) by A Taste International, LLC for Xclusive Restaurant and Lounge.


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