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Xbox Live enforcement bans to give specific reasons to parents

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Microsoft/Xbox needs to give specific reasons to parents when banning users so that parents can take appropriate action.

My son is 10 years old and received a ban from xbox enforcement team for 10 days.

It states 'harassment abuse and threats and communication and goes on to say.... this account engaged in harassment abuse or threats towards others. This may include written or verbal abuse, griefing or trolling threats, extortion, network manipulation, dissemination of another persons information, attempts to coerce or harass others.... it also talks about hate language, offensive behaviour, profanity etc etc.....

Now as a parent who doesn't accept ANY of the above from my children I tried to find out exactly what my son had done.

Firstly, scouring through pages and pages of on-line xbox information and enforcement info to no avail.... so I personally went through EVERY message that he received and sent to online friends since last Christmas (this took me ages) I did find that he had used the F word twice and we discussed how in appropriate this was and he promised not to do it again.  But the two dates that Xbox had said the incident(s) happened were certainly not apparent in his messages.

What next.....? ahhh I'll call the support line an 0800 number - great!! I was in hold for about 25mins before finally speaking with Mike.  Who categorically told me that this ban had been put by the enforcement team, okay so I asked if I could speak to them? NO he said, do they have an email? I asked NO he said, so I asked him to tell me why my son had been banned. NO I can't tell you, you need to read the internet!!!! aggghhhhhh. I explained several times that the information I required was not online.  I pleaded with him to understand that I am a concerned parent, and wanted to know what my son had done as it seemed that it could have been serious.  NOTHING I can do he said!!

After looking on-line it seems to be an on-going problem, customers (PAYING CUSTOMERS) are unable to have answers to their questions.  How can this be?

So I thought I would put in a complaint!! NO can't do that either, because unless you want to complain about another user it's not possible to file complaint!!! 

I'm at my wits end!! Xbox/Microsoft are a multi million dollar corporation and yet they are unable to provide their paying customers with information that can be used to ensure that players continue to be safeguarded and provide parents with vital information to be able to discuss such issues with their children.

I am asking that you sign my petition for Xbox/Microsoft give specific information on enforcement banning, so that parents can challenge their children appropriately and give out home punishments as necessary.  Also that it is easier to raise a complaint about the company, then maybe a petition may not have been necessary?!

Thank you - for taking the time to read over this, please forward and lets get Microsoft listening and answering!!  :)


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