Keep Our Teachers- Minneapolis

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I am a junior at Patrick Henry High School from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lately, many teachers are being cut because Minneapolis Public School is low on budget. I have been at Henry ever since freshman year, it was the school that all my siblings went to. This is also the same for many students at Henry. Many generations have attended Henry because we believe in our teachers. When the news of our teachers being cut, it was devastating to hear. 

By cutting our teachers' budgets and letting go teachers means students next year will have to start from scratch. Many of us, especially IB students are on the stage in our academic career where we have to keep a consistent teacher in order to graduate. It is not only IB, the regular courses will have the same impact too, starting from scratch without any clue what the lesson is about. This will badly impact our students and their learning.  

After going to Henry for three straight years, I realized that there is a strong bond between teachers and students. Teachers are like second parents to us, we all work ed really hard together, struggle together, and raise each other up. Just as human beings in general, when there is a bond there is attachment and when there is attachment there's love and support. 

I understand that there are consequences where money and life plays a role. I understand we can not have everything we want in life, but I also understand that children are the future. As a student, I don't think that taking away these teachers will make a difference because we are just breaking students' hearts and their passion to learn. If money is the problem, we as students are willing to help fundraise, so we can keep our teachers. 

Please help support us, Patrick Henry High School Students, so we can have our teachers. 

Your students from Patrick Henry High School