Wild West Trails

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Wild West Trails

Did you know that ALL historic trails run through the great state of WYOMING? All except the Louis & Clark trail. Wyoming is unique because it is the only state that had all major western exploration and homesteading routes run through it.

Oregon trail, California Trail, Mormon Trail, Pony Express Trail, Cheyenne Deadwood Stage Route, Bozeman Trail & the West Texas Trail. See for yourself.


That is the beauty of our state now the problem is. Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah & Colorado have trails all over the place. Non Motorized trail systems for horse back riding, hiking, running, jogging, bicycle touring, adventure cycling & so much more. Bringing tourism into their state from all over the globe. Tourism into small towns streaming revenue and growth from them. Massive gains are made from these trail systems.

I am not petitioning to place pathways on top of these historic trails. Simply a trail system next to it. Show them off to the world and to advertise them. Our state needs to tap into this extremely amazing value our state has to offer and show it off to the world.

Anyone can look up the amazing benefits these have to offer in other states. Why not ours? Just visit these links.

http://www.bikekatytrail.com/ , http://www.midwestliving.com/travel/nebraska/great-bike-trails-nebraska/ , http://bikemickelson.com/ & so many more check out Montana, Utah & Colorado! Wyoming is missing out and amazingly WE HOLD THE MOST VALUE!!!

I am petitioning that trail systems be funded throughout our state to create these trail systems for the stated above trails. Managed & maintained by the Forest service/land owners, Our local government needs to get with land owners and open up these historic trails to the world. Land owners could have trail heads of their family name & brands posted. Land owners could provide goods and services along their stretch of the trail. Old gravel oil field roads could be marked as parts of the trails also. If you would like to see this happen please sign our petition. More info can be found and www.energyaddicts.net www.facebook.com/nrgaddicts & trail systems around our country can be found here.