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Been 3 years since the Mutli Million dollar stadium was built. Not sure why it hasn't happened yet but we need to fix the roof. 

It's so unacceptable that whilst it has been addressed thou no solutions at this stage. The Wyndham City Counci has stated 

Below is an extract from email received 21st June 2019. 

In the second half of 2018, a series of interim works were undertaken to try and limit the amount of water ingress into the facility. Whilst these works have limited the number of leaks following rain events, leaks are still being experienced and consequently as you mention, games are still unfortunately needing to be cancelled. A second round of interim works are currently being organised, with two approaches being investigated in parallel, to try and further limit water from entering the facility.

Whilst I'm getting a greater understanding of the background and the issues. 

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