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Hate all these banning - why not tell us which video (give us a URL) and tell us the specific in guidelines or term of service the video violate?
I read the term of service back and forth - and really can't make what google/youtube mean - it is so broad that one can interpret it
anyway one want - so why don't google spell it out - like don't post your link more than 5 channel per 9 hours period, what missing in the guidelines are the details. Or what is predatory behavior?

I don't know what predatory behavior - sorry, I didn't take psychology 101 in college, so I don't know what it is
harassment - spell it out - itemize what is harassment - if I videotape a comedy, are most jokes harassment ?
impersonation - if I videotape someone impersonate D.Trump, is that violation ?
what is etc ? - can you itemize what is etc is, ?

if google / youtube decide to change its guidelines or term of service, why can't google/youtube email us the new info - just like my credit card - rather than some mysterious day/week when you guys go out and apply your new guidelines/term of service without anyone knowings - the whole fiasco is just plain crap !!

Give us at least 10 days to clean up then banned - hell, if I violate something in real life, the city would give us 15 days to clean up
why can't google/youtube do something like that ?

They are just Terminating accounts without any reasons or any notification and sending fake message to gmail inbox which says "secure your google account" but then they never mentioned anything about youtube. Even the Channels with no videos uploaded and newly created channels are disabled.

After several Times of appeal they keep rejecting without reading and sending automatic messages which says suspention is forever. We confirmed this message is same for all users who appeal for this case! 

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