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Stop goldfinch poaching courses sharing on youtube

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Youtube is still sharing goldfinch poaching courses (tape goldfinch poaching on youtube) and you will see cruel crimes teaching against these birds. It must stop.

The European goldfinch is ubiquitous in the region. We estimate that there are about 6 million domestic goldfinches in Algeria and probably around 15 million in western Maghreb.

But these numbers are much lower, and less evenly spread out, than they were a quarter of a century ago.

Large scale poaching started in the early 1990s. Poaching goldfinch became so frequent and widespread that the kids took it up as a hobby and adults as a part-time or even full job. The species was poached and sold in the weekly flea markets with the price of a sweet. The birds were so abundant that locals had no expectations that it would go extinct.

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