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There but Not There is the 2018 Armistice installation for the Charity Remembered.

They are aiming to install silhouettes wherever there is a roll of honour and place life-size representation of our Tommy figure in many public places for the Armistice Period 2018. That is going to be amazing.

What would be even more incredible is for the war animals who gave their lives with no choice and so selflessly be also remembered this way as well. It took many many years for the Animal War Memorial to be installed and now is the time for the country to acknowledge our war animals along side the soldiers they fought with and then to use the funds raised from this charity to go towards animal charities.

To put this into perspective ;

Eight million horses and countless mules and donkeys died in the First World War. They were used to transport ammunition and supplies to the front and many died, not only from the horrors of shellfire but also in terrible weather and appalling conditions.

That is just a snapshot of the number of animals lost in service. Now compound that by other wars we have been involved in and other animals such as dogs, carrier pigeons and more and so now is the time for their loss to also be included in this campaign.

Please help me raise awareness for this change to be made by supporting this campaign sharing it amongst your friends and family and to show those running this charity that animals deserve this place. Unfortunately personal messages sent to those involved at the charity have failed to be met with any response at all. If they respond now due to the support you give to this campaign then there is good time still for a few changes to be made to incorporate animals.